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to serve as the director of the national security agency and the commander of u.s. cyber command. we have extraordinary people doing great work to protect this country and protect our civil liberties and privacy. over the past few weeks unofficial disclosures of classified information have resulted in considerable debate in the press of these programs. the debate is fueled by incomplete and inaccurate information, with little context provided on the purpose of these programs, their value to our national security, and of our allies and the protections that are in place to preserve our privacy and civil liberties. today we will provide additional detail and context on these two programs to help inform that debate. these programs were approved by the administration, congress, and the courts. from my perspective, a sound legal process that we all work together as a government to protect our nation and our civil liberties and privacy. ironically, the documents that have been released so far showed the rigorous oversight and compliance our government uses to balance security with civil libertie
goodman. the mystery surrounding the whereabouts of national security agency whistleblower edward snowden is deepening after reports he landed in moscow sunday after leaving hong kong. the russian foreign minister certification a lavrov insists snowden never crossed the russian border. on a conference call with reporters monday, wikileaks founder julian assange said that snowden is safe. he is in a safe place. due to thes are high bellicose threats coming from the administration, we cannot go into further details at the time. >> ecuador is currently considering his request for asylum while the u.s. has called for russia to expel him so he can face espionage charges. meanwhile the south china morning post says that he wanted to get proof of sweeping u.s. surveillance. he also told the paper that he plans to screen and release more documents of spine to other countries. the taliban has claimed responsibility for an early- morning attack near the presidential palace near the afghan capital of kabul. one of the targets was the ariana hotel, which houses a caa station. the attack came as journ
, the national security agency, general keith alexander, when asked about this on abc. >> we are in touch with mr. -- >> i have no opinion on wikileaks. i don't track them. i really don't know who wikileaks are other than this assange person. my job again defend the nation. >> you have to have some sympathy for good public servants like general alexander whose job it is to keep secrets. but when you say we don't really know who wikileaks is after how much they have been in the news, just the other day the fbi director again another excellent public servant saying we have drones in the united states but we're just now developing the protocols. what the administration's top people say in public, and again bob mueller and jen algeneral alexander, good public servants, but it leads you to the impression they're making it up as they go along. >> it does have a bit of a keystone cop feel to it at this point because we have this guy running all over on the globe with the u.s. saying we want to hear with countries that really have to play ball. i want you all to stand by. we have our panel of corresponde
in the coming days. >> still ahead of the kron 4 morning news coming up 6:10 a.m.. national security agency at bleecker edward snowden boards a plane from south america, but so far, no sign of him. >> at 6:20 a.m.. the price of that latte as starbucks is going up. we will tell you by how much and when that will happen. >> then at 6:45 a.m.. expert analysts on the major decision expected on proposition 8. california's ban on same-sex marriage being scrutinized by the u.s. supreme court. being scrutinized by the u.s. supreme court. >> we w sleep train has your ticket to tempur-pedic. being scrutinized by the u.s. supreme court. experience the pressure-relieving comfort of tempur-pedic, and sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. get 36 months interest-free financing: no down, and no interest for 3 years. plus, get free same-day delivery. sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee, interest-free financing, and free delivery? that's the ticket! sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic ends soon. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ bottled at the mo
program turns out the national security agency has been tracking your e mails. >> a vote in the u.s. senate passage of an immigration reform bill but will it ever become law? >> and a first from sacramento a state budget on time, without any spending cuts. >>> british newspaper "the guardian" is the published information from edwardsnowden that the national security agency has been compiling millions of documents showing nsa began tracking e mails and internet use under a separate program code named stellar wind after the september 11th attacks. under president bush, president obama discontinue that had program 10 years later. >> sweeping reform faces a tough battle at the house after passing the senate today. the bill easily passed though legislation providing extensive border security and offer a change of citizenship to millions of undocumented orker autos support from one end of the country to another. some liberal people in america support this bill. and everyone in between. >> all of us share the same goal to take 11 million people out of the shadows and secure our borders m
, the assumption is -- and he has ttlked about this. there are technical blueprints for how the national security agency actually gets the data out of the fiber-optic cables and the locations of their stations and the real technical know-how that helps the agency set up with a call platforms to vacuum up a lot of this kind of data and so forth. so we know what he did. he fabricated encryption keys within the national security agency that allowed him access to servers that he himself as a systems administrator was not supposed to access. lori: do we know what else he might have? >> we don't know. the director said that today. he does not know the extent. and the fbi has investigated all kinds of possibilities of this point. that is part of it. the unknown level of what he was able to get. the fact they're all over the internet and other people have these files and you just have to give the password and it will be all over the place is that kind of wikileaks situation. instead of sensitive diplomatic cables, these are the most classified secrets in the u.s. government, signal intelligence. and if h
, another government surveillance program, turns out the national security agency has been tracking your emails. the people at paypal have a question -- who is going to handle the money that you are going to spend in outer space? that day may >> terry: a's on this, the the bill is passed. >> it's why i am disappointed with most of it. >> reaction after vice president biden announced the sweeping immigration reform bill. the bill heads to the house where the fate is uncertain. it would provide extensive border security and offer a chance of citizenship to millions in the country illegally now. here is jim avila. >> the senate in an electric atmosphere as supporters still here illegally jostled for seating where all hundred u.s. senators were asked. >> to stand and vote one by one. >> for or against immigration reform. vice president announcing overwhelming passage. >> the bill as amended is passed. [ cheers and applause ] >> its process we watched across america frontier without papers, his daughter on his shoulders long to be a part of, watching the still undocumented as pathway too citi
!, democracynow.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the exact whereabouts of national security agency whistleblower edward snowden are unknown after he reportedly left hong kong and landed in moscow. russia on sunday. his fight came just days after the united states publicly revealed it had filed espionage charges against snowden for revealing the sweeping domestic spy program. he was expected to fly from moscow to cuba today, but was reportedly not on board his plight. ecuador's foreign minister confirmed ecuador is considering an asylum request from snowden. we will make a decision. [indiscernible] this has to do with freedom of expression, with the security of citizens around the world. we have to analyze it. the united states has revoked snowden's passport and asked russia to expel a member of hong kong allowed snowden to leave despite a request by the u.s. to to arrest him. they said the documents had no legal basis to prevent them from leaving. the hong kong government also said it wanted more information about alleged u.s. hacking of computer systems in hong kong. over the week
such an agreement with the united states. snowden, a former national security agency contractor is facing charges of espionage after leaking details about classified u.s. surveillance programs to the media. in a statement, the national security council spokeswoman says there is a clear legal basis to turn him over. we are asking the russian government to take action to expel mr. snowden without delay. secretary of state, john kerry, is down playing any drama. >> we are not looking for confrontation. we are not ordering anybody. we are simply requesting under a normal procedure for the transfer ofsomebody just as we transferred to russia. seven people in the last two years that they requested. >> his security forces are not working with snowden to learn more about his secrets. but those secrets may already be out. officials say the document snowden took may have already been compromised by chinese degeneration intelligence. >>> snowden is reportedly trying to get to ecuador. tonight, that country's president wouldn't comment on whether he will be allowed to enter the country. >>> 100 angry work
security agency leaker edward snowden, believed to be holed up in the moscow airport. the president spoke about snow des den during a news conference and says the damage to national security has been done. >> nom im not going to be scrambling jets to get a 29-year-old hacker. >> ecuador says it's rejecting trade benefits it could lose if it takes in snow den. >> and coming up how to help police find a bandit who ran off with a woman's life saving autos and buzz aldren's new highest step for man kind. >> the way you drive your car matt >>> take a look at this guy. if you have seen him, fremont police want to hear from you, quick lism he targeted a woman and got way with a life savings, $20,000 on monday. the woman eating lunch on fremont boulevard this, guy ordered food then snatched her backpack. the woman struggled but he knocked her down and ran off. and escaped in this car. >> new frontier for tourists will be visiting outer space. how will you pay fr food and souvenirs? pay pal is partnering with the space industry to figure out what to do. >> first flight into space is set for decemb
into the agencies that do this. in united states primary agency is the national security agency which a lot of people haven't heard of which is larger than they fbi and cia combined. it's the biggest in the world and it's fascinating they have 40,000 employees in maryland at their headquarters but another 20,000 employees scattered all over the planet at these listening stations where they intercept communications. so i will read you a little bit about the biggest as of the stations which is called mental leaf hill. i went to see this base which is really in the middle of nowhere and fairly illuminating experience. you cannot help but note the juxtaposition. here are way from the world amid rolling pastures and attractive land where the air is redolent of cow dung flies the most sophisticated eavesdropping station on the planet. england's moors are after all cow country. leaving the victorian spot town at taxi winds west through eight miles of countryside. i have been warned and seen photos. i know what to expect. but as the first dome covers and decide i catch my breath. via khalid road ri
security agency contractor and charge him withs pan -- espionage, theft, and questioners of government property. administrationma has already declared him a traitor. going to iceland doesn't necessarily mean he's out of the woods. >> there seems to be a common misconception that iceland is a safe haven for any whistleblower in the world. this is not the case. there is nothing in legislation that will actually protect whistleblowers from other countries. >> iceland's government says officials have held informal discussions on the matter but iceland may no longer be part of the equation if police in hong kong act on the u.s.'s request. >> at least four people are feared dead in canada's alberta province after days of flooding. thousands have been forced outside of their homes. the military has sent in helicopters to rescue people stranded on their rooftops. >> calgary's brag river is super bowl -- as a whole within floodwaters and debris. around 75,000 people have been displaced from the western canadian city after torrential rains began on wednesday night. everything.feet and neighborho
. that is always right, fox. >> you help us and we'll help you. head of the national security agency asked in congress to give legal immuneitty to private companies. should angry customers like you be able to sue those companies if they are wrongfully targeted. >> hi, everybody. welcome to forbes on fox. we'll go with steve and rick and rich and elizabeth and sabrina and john. john, should customers like us be able to sue in >> yes, we should be. companies should not be helping the federal government to snoop on us. we have to ask ourselves how much liberty we are willing to give up in order to create the false illusion of security. to live in a fro society, risks are involved. the risks are worth to to have what we have. >> steve, if i am buying a service and i don't want them to share the service with the government should i be able to sue them if they do it against my will? >> companies for a impossible position. if they help out the government they are snooping on privacy. if they don't help out the government they are helping terrorist. the focus should be on the government and l abus
help us and we'll help you. head of the national security agency asked in congress to give legal immuneitty to private companies. should angry customers like you be able to sue those companies if they are wrongfully targeted. >> hi, everybody. welcome to forbes on fox. we'll go with steve and rick and rich and elizabeth and sabrina and john. john, should customers like us be able to sue in >> yes, we should be. companies should not be helping the federal government to snoop on us. we have to ask ourselves
security agency contractor with espionage and theft. if convicted he faces decades behind bars. snowden says the leaked documents about secret government surveillance programs and. that is it for now. back to "cavuto on business". for all the latest go to foxnews.com. ♪ >> charles: immigration bill bummer. key government says it we reduce the deficit over the next ten years. it's also saying wages would decline. for all workers. ben? >> and of course they will decline. you will get lower wage workers. historically the purpose of immigration laws has been exactly that to press wages downward. that will do it this time, too. a lot of the jobs they will be taking are jobs that americans don't want to have in the first place. it really wouldn't matter what you plan to pay a person. not many harvard graduates are going to want to some do some of those jobs. the whole purpose is to lower wages. >> charles: i find it interesting. we have established a society where americans don't have to do those jobs because they can sit at home and collect checks. that is the alternative. if they didn't h
of violating the rights of workers. this time, the owners are fighting back. the u.s. national security agency whistleblower edward snowden has left hong kong. he is on a flight into moscow. he fled in may after leaking secret surveillance data to the media. the pakistani taliban has said it killed 10 people including nine foreign tourists in an attack on the western face of a mountain, one of the highest in the world. more heavy rain and bad weather are hampered efforts to rescue tens of thousands stranded by flooding in northern india. at least 1000 people have lost their lives in that state. returning to our top story on edward snowden, the u.s. whistleblower accused of spying is on a flight from hong kong to moscow. more from hong kong. >> the news first surfaced through local media, particularly from one paper that has had direct dealings with him. he exposed many of the spying allegations through that newspaper. shortly after, they said he had left. we received notification in a statement from the hong kong government saying he had left of his own accord and arranged his own transportati
month, the former contractor for the national security agency released sensitive details of the u.s. government spy details before fleeing the country. on may 20, he left to seek refuge and could hong kong. once there, he revealed himself reports of of surveillance programs. >> i certainly have the authority to wiretap anyone from you to your accountant, to a federal judge, to the president. i think the public is owed an explanation behind the people who make these disclosures who are behind the democratic model. >> barack obama vigorously defended the programs. dick cheney called edward snowden a traitor. the u.s. government saw his rest and two a ghost charged him with espionage. but hong kong said the documents did not comply with legal requirements. in a statement, it said as the hong kong government has yet to have sufficient information to process the request, the provisional warrant of arrest, there is no legal basis to restrict mr. snowden from leaving hong kong. and it did not grade he immediately took a flight from hong kong to moscow. so where will he finally end up? ec
the national security agency's surveillance practices. so far u.s. politicians and military officials have condemned snowden and his actions. senator dianne feinstein talk about snowden this morning. >> i don't think this man is a whistle-blower. whatever his motives are, he could have stayed and faced the music. i don't think running is a noble thought. i don't think there's anything noble. he has taken an oath, and these oaths mean something. if you can't keep the oath, get out. and then do something about it in a legal way. >> many people don't agree with the government's position. representative nancy pelosi, seen here friday, was booed in san jose yesterday. she defendedded the surveil perhaps program before a gathering of progressive activist at networks nation. >> amazing video shows an unwanted guest ruining dinner at a restaurant in australia. a group of people were finishing up when, bam, a van drove through the window in the front. the driver had been eating just a few tables away minutes before. while driving away, he lost control. hopped the curb, crashed into the restaurant.
: the normer national security agency accused of revealing surveillance programs fled hong kong and went to moscow. he is expected to spend the night at the airport. diplomats met him at the airport. he is listed he has requested asylum and wikileaks confirms they are helping him. >> for obvious reasons we have the knowledge and extradition. and we have acting as a slow between. >> reporter: he left hong kong after the united states filed charges and requested his extradition back to the u.s. for trial. hongkong fissions fissions -- officials say he let him leave because the united states did not meet the requirement. >> some are saying they are aiding him. >> they are going to let the russians know there will be consequences if they harbor him. >> i want to get him caught and brought back for trial. and i think we need to know exactly what he has. >> reporter: the state department tells cbs news they revoked his passport but that may not be enough to stop his international travel. back to you. >> wikileaks posted on its web site that snowden will travel through a safe route. even thoug
. >> reporter: the former national security agency director accused of revealing the classified programs fled hong kong and fled to moscow on sunday. he's expected to make another move on monday. he will reportedly board a plane on cuba and could end up in ecuador. snowden has requested asylum in the south american country. wikileaks an online group behind other classified leaks are helping snowden. >> for obvious reasons with the knowledge and the extradition of this. >> reporter: he left hong kong after the united states filed espionage charges, requesting his extradition back to the u.s. for trial. they say that they let snowden leave because of the united states. that they did not meet the country's legal requirements. but that the u.s. justice department said they never raised any concerns about their requests during the discussions last week. some lawmakers are angry that the countries are aiding snowden. >> i think that it will help them chase them to the ends of earth and to let the russians know that there will be consequences if they harbor this guy. >> reporter: the senator says th
. power was restored to 90,000 customers at midnight. >> former national security agency contractor wanted by the u.s. government has failed to show up this morning for flight from russia to cuba. edward snowden did not board a flight from now to havana as expected. his whereabouts are unknown. he was in now after fleeing hong kong yesterday. he will head to ecuador with the help of wikileaks. the foreign minister of ecuador is considering the request for asylum. he has been running since revealingness on the n.s.a.'s highly classified communications spying program. >> developing news from south africa where the government says everything possible is being done to ensure nelson mandela's comfort. the 94-year-old is in critical condition and his health is deteriorating. he is being treated for recurring lung infection. he became the first black president after the end of apartheid in 1994. he was hospitalized june 8. >> commuters in the south bay could shave time off the drive with new car pool lanes on 880 in san jose will open in half an hour at 5:00 a.m. the northbound and southbound lan
asylum. american authorities want former national security agency contractor edward snowden on espionage charges. he revealed nsa agents collected private phone and internet data at home and abroad. snowden arrived in moscow sunday, and left the night at an airport hotel. russian media report he had finished boarding procedures. the flight left on monday but there was no confirmation that snowden was on board. leaders in ecuador say they will consider helping him whenever he arrives. >> translator: our government is prepared to accept snowden's request for asylum and is considering how to proceed. >> ecuadorian president, rafael correida, is a leftist politician, who is anti-u.s., his government granted the founder of wikileaks asylum last year. british police arrested julian assange on suspicion he assaulted two women. he's been staying at the ecuadorian embassy in london. u.s. officials are calling on governments not to allow edward snowden to enter their countries. they say his american passport has been revoked and is invalid. >>> people in hong kong and china have shown a keen inter
. >> snowden is wanted for spilling secrets about america's national security agency. how they have been gathering data on domestic phone calls and tapping into global communications traffic. he is on the run, a wanted man. he left his job as a contractor in hawaii in june for hong kong where he began to leak documents. this weekend he fled american him.pts to extradite he is being accompanied by this wikileaks works with organization. he said ecquador is where he wants to go. >> the current status of mr. snowden and miss harrison, both are healthy and safe. i cannot give further information as to their wherebusy or circumstances as just to say the matter is in hand. >> washington is making clear the annoyance with countries that allow snowden to escape their grasp for the moment the former spy disappeared from public view. >> for more on this increasingly intricate case i spoke with a former c.i.a. director. why is it that the u.s. cannot exert more leverage on china and russia? went up against both leaders and neither country is cooperating with the u.s. >> i think this administration
, a contract employee at the cia and the nsa, the national security agency. under indictment for espionage and on the run from the fbi with four laptops loaded with america's most sensitive secrets. >> i had access to, you know, the full rosters of everyone working at the nsa, the entire intelligence community, and undercover assets all around the world. >> reporter: and so far this brilliant, quirky high school dropout has managed to outsmart the cia, the nsa, and the fbi. an astounding tale in the eyes of one former cia spy. >> i feel like every country's going hot potato, hot potato, he's not ours, he's not ours and he just keeps switching from country to country to country. >> reporter: emily brandwin, a one-time improv comedian, was recruited into the cia's clandestine service as a master of disguise and then went undercover herself. and i think it's crazy that they can track everything but they can't track snowden. we're just waiting. it's the most epic game of marco polo ever. >> reporter: snowden had been scheduled to fly out of moscow to havana monday on flight 150 of the russian
national security agency documents and then by evading capture. >> it reveals in administration that seems more competent by the day. >> he hopes the case will not affect relations with the u.s. cbs news. >> the whistle blower web site wiki leaks says it is not providing snowden with money or support. >> change the u.s. immigration system is close to passing in the senate. the bill calls for doubling the size of the boarder patrol and building more fencing along the u.s., mexico boarder. cleared a key hurdle last night and is expected to pass later this week. it will move to the house where it will face a tough battle. >> president obama has a new plan to tackle pollution and climate change. during a speech at georgetown university, he warned americans of the deep affects of global warming and urged power plants to stop dumping. include boosting renewable energy production, increase efficiency standards and dealing with higher temperatures. >> this afternoon nelson mandela remains in critical condition in south african hospital and offered well wishes by releasing hundreds of doves in his
he is spishlly considering how it happened this, picture to share with you. national security agency whistle blower edward snowden, who faces espionage charges as you know today vladimir putin says he will not turn over snowden because the us us and russia do not have a formal treaty and says snowden is in a an airport transit area in moscow. he is seeking political asylum. >> fbi trying to figure out how cash van yashed from a cargo container wai.z part of a $93 million shipment head together federal reserve that had been sent on a passenger flight. it landed yesterday. investigators believe waits stolen before the flight took off. >> the housing market is red hot. home sales rising to the fastest pace. san francisco seeing largest increase with prices up nearly 24 hrs. home prices in stit spiked 5% just from march to april. >> two listings one sold $121,000 over asking. >> what a change that is. experts say climbing rates and a growing inventory will help stabilize prices going forward. >> 500 jobs being constructed by a high rise apartment going up in downtown san jose. the city h
. the national security agency is scrambling how to salvage some of their operations like trying to keep track of terror cells before they disappear out of sight. they are changing even how they encrypt their techniques. now russian president vladimir puntin is in moscow and vladimir puntin is refusing to hand him over to the united states on spying charges. steve snowden is trying to go to ecuador next and -- ecuador next and he is asking for asylum. >>> the difference in the commute, i will show you the toll plaza, very crowded but the other commutes are not and other people are trying to get into the city and it is backed up for a 20 to 25 minute delay but if you want to get across, san mateo is not a bad option for you. very good, very small delay, getting to 237 which looks good and we are finally seeing a little bit of slow traffic on northbound 101, right near the interchange but that is about all so the bay bridge continues to be the busiest commute. let's go to steve. >>> a lot of low clouds are in place, and the transition is the in between day and there is so much moisture, i would
ways. snowden, the former intelligence contractor, said this month that national security agency employees have repeatedly hacked into chinese computers. >>> chinese authorities are rolling out the red carpet for the leader of their closest leaders. south korean president park guen-hye will visit with xi jinping. her visit is set to reaffirm the close ties between the two nations. park is scheduled to meet with xi after attending a welcoming ceremony in beijing. analysts are keen to hear what the two leaders will say about north korea. officials there recently signaled their willingness to resume the so-called six-party talk on the country's nuclear program. park is scheduled to stay for four days. during that time she'll speak at a university about the importance of ties with china. this is park's second foreign tour since she assumed the presidency. her first was to the united states. >>> iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei has defended the country's nuclear program. analysts say he wants to dampen expectations that the new iranian administration will make concessions
worked if are the national security agency. he revealed that agents collect private zone and internet data at home and abroad. he flew to the airport on sunday from hong kong. president putin said they won't extradite him because they don't have that agreement. they requested asylum in ecuador. >> are people who look at japan have one question. they have data that could help answer that. is the economy improving? >>. >> that's the million dollar question. they came to revital i'd japan by ending deflation. what better data to start? is it they released new figures with the consumer price index stopped falling. they said the price index was unchanged over may. they excluded the food prices and say there was a rise in electricity and gas prices. it was up about 9% while gas rose 3.6%. the of prices dropped more slowly contributing to the overall result. japan's unemployment rate was at 4.1%, unchanged from april. the number of people without jobs fell by 180,000 from a year ago to almost 2 hundred 8 million. the number of people with jobs rose by 430,000 to reach just over 63 million. t
for the national security agency. he revealed earlier this month that nsa agents collect private phone and internet data at home and abroad. he flew to the moscow airport sunday from hong kong. president vladimir putin said he won't extradite him because the u.s. and russia don't have that type of agreement. snowden has requested asylum in ecuador. >>> the defense chiefs of japan and the philippines have agreed to cooperate more closely. they want to counter china's growing maritime activity. defense minister itsunori onodera met with the minister in the philippines. several ships have approached the senkaku islands in the east china sea. japan controls the islands but china and taiwan claim them. defense chiefs also talked about a dispute between the philippines and china. both countries claim the spratly islands in the south china sea. >> translator: we agreed that these issues should be resolved under the rule of law. >> onodera said there's concern that events in the south china sea could spill over into the east china sea. >> we are very happy to note that the japanese government is working wi
. on thursday, the guardian newspaper reported that the national security agency had been tracking internet communications since the september 11 attacks. at first, the nsa only collected e-mail data generated either by non-u.s. citizens or by people physically outside the country. but in 2007, that data collection was expanded to cover all people inside the u.s., even though the nsa is not supposed to spying on americans. the program did not end until sometime in 2011, more than two years after barack obama became president. meantime, the u.s. top military officer said he is concerned about the security of the nsa itself. >> you cannot stop someone from breaking the law 100% of the time. you just cannot stop that from happening. you can certainly increased scrutiny in terms of their background investigation and reduce the number of them and put different degrees of oversight in place. thehile grappling with limits of protecting the american sense of privacy. governmenth african says nelson mandela's condition is now stable, but he remains critically ill. of well-wishers have been praying,
or advertently the russia than and chinese now have access to the national security agency in a way they didn't have before. terrorists can begin to understand already how it is that we go -- look at patterns of communications and see how they may or may not be seeking. the president saying this is month big deal is a big deal. >> kim, why is -- the president politically downplay this when justice department is -- brought charge against snowden? >> well, i think it goes to that question you had in the opening was -- american influence. i think the president is worried their influence is such that they may not be able to get snowden back. and so if they turn this into a very high profile issue and lose, then they look back. element of incompetence, too. a strong tendency to rely on this and finding the right papers. the president hinted. this should be routine. you do have to pick up the phone on things like this. you have to exert pressure because -- just going through the motions is not going to get you what you want. >> reemphasize what kim said. that statement we listened to from barack ob
on snowden in 2011 clearing him for his job as a contractor with the national security agency. investigators say from 2008 to 2011usis failed to perform a second review of the background check it conducted 50% of the time. that second review is a requirement in the contract with usis that it has with the government. >>> time now 5:14. a new development on the search in new zealand for a missing sailboat with americans on board. rescuers think that boat sank between new zealand and australia. they were last heard from june 4th. officials say they haven't given up hope that someone may be still alive. >>> immigration reform passed the u.s. senate but it's not expected to move quickly in the house. kyla campbell is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with details on last night's vote and what is next for immigration reform. >> reporter: the senate voted 68-32 to pass an amended immigration reform bill. it's the first move since 1986. california senators barbara boxer and dianne feinstein showing their support for the plan and the 13 year path to citizenship. this week the senate added border
a switch to get that information and you've had both national security agency, members of congress saying he's lying about his ability, but there is a question of trust here and credibility. not only about what mr. though den is saying, but whether these agencies can protect their own secrets. is there not? >> absolutely. and just the fact that the nsa director was out testifying publicly before congress and actually on television, on a sunday show, is a big deal and it shows you the kind of effort that they know in a they have to try to make to try to deal with that trust and credibility issue that they have. listen to what keith alexander said about this this morning. >> the system did not work as it should have. he betrayed the trust and confidence we had in him. this is an individual with top secret clearance whose duty it was to administer these networks. he betrayed that confidence and stole some of our secrets. we're now putting this place actions that would give us the ability to track our system administrators, what they're doing, what they're taking. >> and one of those systems
about several orwellian like intrusions on our privacy. most recently that the national security agency tracks our phone calls and some e-mails. this is a terrible threat to american liberties, says congressman justin amash. congressman, why? they are just minding the debt. they're not listening to our phone calls. >> well, it violates the constitution. the fourth amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures, and is clearly violates the fourth amendment. the problem we have is that the government is gathering information using what is essentially a general warrant, .hich was outlawed by the they're going after people, not -n the basis of any suspicion, not on the basis of any probable cause, but just because they're people, just because the information is useful to the government. that is what our founders expressly prohibited with the constitution. john: it is useful to need to if it keeps me from being blown up by a terrorist. the fact that they are just standing everybody in some ways makes it seem like less of an invasion of privacy. >> well, the reason the found
another government surveillance program turns out the national security agency has been tracking your e mails. >> a vote in the u.s. senate passage of an immigration reform bill but will it ever become law? >> and a first from sacramento a state budget on time, without any spending cuts. stay with us. mom... yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪ >>> british newspaper "the guardian" is the published information from edwardsnowden that the national security agency has been compiling millions of documents showing nsa began tracking e mails and internet use under a separate program code named stellar wind after the september 11th attacks. under president bush, president obama discontinue that had program 10 years later. >> sweeping reform faces a tough battle at the house after passing the senate today. the bill easily passed though legislation providing extensive border security and offer a change of citizenship to millions of u
. edward snowden, former contractor for the national security agency who is wanted n honeo on espionage charges. some americans consider him a hero because he told us about the monitoring of phone records through verizon, and potentially other phone companies. others see him as a traitor. our government wanted hong kong to hand him over originally. that did not happen. we first learned through a russian airline snowden was headed to moscow, where he is believed to be tonight on his way to seek asylum in ecuador. here is what is key. ecuador is the same country sheltering wikileaks founder julian assange at its embassy in london. he leaked thousands of classified government documents on his website. wikileaks is helping snowden seek asylum. we have fox coverage on this breaking news. we will bring in james rosen in a moment on efforts to block snowden from reaching his reported destination. first, chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live at the d.c. bureau. what do we know about the situation inside russia tonight? >> reporter: thank you. good evening. the white house
. the former national security agency computer contractor who exposed details of u.s. surveillance programs, faces espionage charges if shipped back home. he is currently cooling his heels at moscow's international airport, where he arrived sunday from hong defense and cia director the situation. >> you will have a narrow lane and a narrowing of information that they made available to people for analysis and for decision making as people try to protect that information and you will be back in the same kind of situation that we potentially have prior to 911 where we don't have the ability with people with the broad enough access to connect the dots. >>mark: russian president vladimir putin has said his government won't hand snowden over to u.s. authorities, but seems eager to wash his hands of the issue. ecuador is apparently considering giving snowden asylum. the rev. jesse jackson says he's going to try to help celebrity chef paula deen overcome the fallout from admitting past use of a racial slur. jackson says deen can be reclaimed if she is willing to acknowledge mistakes and make change
to the intelligence community's ability to protect our nation and ally security. they assist the intelligence community efforts to connect the dots. >> general keith alexander is the director of the national security agency, the nsa. he testified before congress and defended the sweeps by the nsa. edward snowden a former nsa employee now in hong kong leaked details on how extensively the u.s. government conducts surveillance, the meta- data of verizon, an american phone company and accessing everything that passes along the networks of u.s. internet companies. nsa chief alexander defends the surveillance program. he says that they helped stop more than 50 terrorist attacks around the world, including ten in the u.s., one was a plot to blow up the new york stock exchange. another plot by a group of san dean convicted of sending money to the somalia based terrorist group operating on the home of avenue ra candidate, an ultrastrategic group. the obama administration defends the surveillance programs as an indispensable matter of security. >> my concern has always been not that we shouldn't do in
is the former analyst, former national security agency contractor, who went public with the government data-mining tactics and the revelations the disclosure of the information he knows continued right up to today. right now he's living in hiding in asia. as of tonight, he is wanted back home in this country. we start off with what we know about this tonight. our justice correspondent pete williams is in our d.c. newsroom. pete, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. officials familiar with the process say that federal prosecutors have filed espionage charges against snowden and at the very early stages of the process to getting back to the united states to stand trial are now under way. the officials did not describe the charges in detail because the papers have been filed under seal in federal court in alexandria, virginia, so they're not publicly available. but they say the charges accuse him of violating federal espionage charges by sharing classified documents with people who were not cleared to receive them. he's also charged with stealing government property. it was only a m
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